From The Critic's Desk: A Preview Of 2017 In Jazz

Kevin Eubanks, 'East West Time Line'
on NPR All Things Considered

Kevin Eubanks, whom some might know from his days as the leader of The Tonight Show Band with Jay Leno. His new album is titled East West Time Line and comes out April 7.

McBride: "Kevin didn't do a lot of recording while he was on the show, but all of us in the jazz community have known for years that Kevin is one of the titans of jazz guitar. If you lived out in Los Angeles and you got to be on that scene, you got a chance to jam with Kevin and see him play a lot more than the audience at large did. So maybe you could call this a comeback..."

Chinen: "I'm gonna call it a comeback. I'm a New York jazz critic, so for me Kevin Eubanks was frustratingly off the scene during all those years that we saw him on TV. He's released a few albums before this one, but this album, especially with this band — that is a wrecking crew. That's a band deserving of Kevin's talents, and he knows how to work with them and how to really bring out the fire."

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